My Cover Artist’s New Book of Strange Fetish Pinup Girls

Artist Ed Mironiuk has done a good amount of my covers: Sex and Death in Television Town, Teeth and Tongue Landscape, Sausagey Santa, Ultra Fuckers, Apeshit, The Egg Man, and Cybernetrix. As well as covers for my upcoming books: The Cannibals of Candyland, Warrior Wolf Women of the Wasteland, and The Kobold Wizard’s Dildo of Enlightenment +2.

He specializes in strange fetish pinup girls who can kick your ass. In other words, his artwork goes perfectly with my fiction. Almost every book I’ve ever written has a female character that would make a good Ed Mironiuk painting. He has brought to life some of my favorite characters I have created, and lately (with future books such as The Super Evils) I have started writing books based on the girls he creates.

Ed has just come out with a book of his artwork that I received in the mail recently, and I have to say it is amazing. Definitely check it out:


Here’s a description:

Some people hide their deepest fantasies and fetishes from a world they know will never understand them. They live lives of quiet kink and desperate bondage. Then there are types like Ed Mironiuk – loud, proud, and unmatched in his love of the bizarre and who delights in the spikey edges of what’s not appropriate. And he makes a fine living at it as well! A remarkable artist, Ed’s love of fetish, tattoo, piercing, and all things weird and wonderful make him a most excellent candidate for a showcase of his own! His pin-up girls have a rough and ready attitude, his latex and leatherworks shine with the sweat of a well-spent evening in a well-appointed dungeon, and his general design-sense is – well – Stimulating! Not for the faint of heart, but a must for the thrill-seeker who likes his (or her) stillettos pointy and their boots thigh-high.


You’ve seen some of his artwork on my book covers, but here are some more of his images:


These are images I might be using for future books:

I’d like to use Hornet Girl (pictured above) as one of the characters in my not-yet-written bizarro superhero book The Super Evils. This book is about a man who wishes he could be a superhero. Unfortunately, his only super power is that he can make babies explode. Still, he wants to somehow use this power for the better good (like by stopping bank robbers from escaping as they pass by strollers), but in doing so he ends up becoming the most evil super villain in history. This attracts the attention of a squad of super villains called The Super Evils, who want to recruit him into their ranks. Hornet Girl will probably be one of the main super villains. I should be writing this book later this year or early next, but I’ve got a couple other projects I want to do next.

The above picture will be on the cover of the re-release of Sunset with a Beard.


I hope to write a book based on this character. I might call it “Space Elf” or something. Not sure. Either way, I’ve been wanting to write something set in outer space for a while so I think this would be a good character to write about.

Get a special signed copy of the book for $20 here:


Get a special signed copy with an original sketch by the artist for $40 here:

Help support this artist by picking up a copy from his site. I highly recommend it.

3 Responses to “My Cover Artist’s New Book of Strange Fetish Pinup Girls”

  1. carltonmellick Says:

    By the way, besides doing artwork for my books, Ed has also done artwork for the Genitortures and Tattoo Magazine, as well as fetish models such as Kumi, Masuimi Max, and Julie Strain.

  2. jonnykelly Says:

    Did you draw the cover of the first of the magazine of bizzaro fiction? because it is really brilliant.

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