On being a cult author

The difference between a cult author and a mainstream author:

A mainstream author writes a book and sells it to thousands of people.
A cult author writes thousands of books and sells them to one person.

For those who are wondering why I write so many books, that is the answer.

2 Responses to “On being a cult author”

  1. oh god, thats why i love you cm3, i honestly dont think you could write enough to satisfy my brain

  2. carltonmellick Says:

    Thanks. I try to write 6 books a year, but even that doesn’t seem to be enough sometimes. I wrote both “War Slut” and “Haunted Vagina” in the span of two weeks…so if all I did was write for every waking hour I could probably complete about 24 books a year. Maybe I’ll attempt that one year.

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