I’m obsessed with burritos and now I have found the perfect site for me: http://www.burritophile.com

It has reviews for taco shops in your area. Although far from complete, I have found some good burritos in the past week because of it. One burrito included ground beef, raisins, almonds, green olives, onions, potatoes, sour cream, rice, beans, and pico. It was pretty good, even though I tend to hate ground beef in mexican food.

If I opened a taco shop these are the types of burritos I would sell:

Pizza burrito – pepperoni, italian sausage, onions, green olives, tomato sauce, cheese, habaneros, hot sauce

German Burrito – bratwurst, kraut, onions, mustard, rice, cheese, habaneros, hot sauce

Curry Burrito – some curried potatoes and chicken masala, rice, cheese, habaneros, hot sauce

Macaroni and Cheese Burrito – macaroni and cheese, bacon, mushrooms, roasted garlic, extra cheese, habaneros, hot sauce

Lasagna Burrito – some lasagna, cheese, habaneros, hot sauce

Pizza Roll Burrito – pizza rolls, chili, tater tots, ranch dressing, bacon, cheese, habaneros, hot sauce

Taco Burrito – 7 miniature hard shelled tacos, habaneros, hot sauce

White Castle Burrito – 5 sliders, bacon, chili, chorizo, jalapeno poppers, green olives, lunchables, a pretzel, hamburger helper beef stroganoff, mustard, cheese, habaneros, hot sauce

French Onion Soup Burrito – a bowl of fucking soup, cheese, habaneros, hot saucee

8 Responses to “Burritophile”

  1. I was so inspired that I made a burrito for lunch:

    Ham Red Peppers
    Bacon Onions
    Curried Rice Smoked Gouda
    Scallions Garlic Tahini Sauce

    It was pretty awesome.

  2. carltonmellick Says:

    Sounds awesome. I learned that you can wrap pretty much anything in a tortilla with hot sauce and cheese and it will be good.

    • It really was good. I have to say, you’ve got me interested in the frozen foods wrapped with other foods in a tortilla thing. Pizza rolls and mini-tacos. I will be trying those things.

  3. carltonmellick Says:

    The pizza roll burrito is a real one I’ve made. I used to eat chili-cheese fries with pizza rolls on it (making it kind of like a more fattening version of spaghetti and meatballs) then serve it with a side of ranch or sour cream. Wrapping that up in a tortilla was the next logical step.

    This all started when I was in college and ate at this burger place that let you get a quesadilla with your burger instead of fries. I wrapped the quesadilla around the burger and food was never the same after that.

  4. Cameron Pierce Says:

    Those sound like awesome burritos. I’ll have to check out burritophile.com.

  5. You should try a recursive pizza.

    It is a pizza made out of calzones covered in cheese, with pizza rolls for the topping.

    If you are really brave, you could try a recursive strompizza. It’s the same thing, but the whole thing is surrounded with veggies and more cheese and baked into a stromboli.

    If you are feeling extra extra brave and want to see just how far you can push it, you can make the recursive strompizarito, where you take all that and shove it into a tortilla with beans.

    Even better is the post modern fast food game. Taco bell burritos shoved on top of burger king burgers shoved into a subway six inch is a good one. There are a million permutations on this though. Stomach doesn’t even know the difference. Well, sometimes it does.

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