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Everybody Loves Rapeman

Posted in Random Shit on June 15, 2009 by carltonmellick

It’s the Japanese spinoff of an American sitcom, only instead of Ray Romano it stars Japan’s favorite superhero: Rapeman.

If you haven’t heard of Rape Man, he’s a superhero who has the super power of rape. I don’t really understand how rape is a super power, but it just is in Rape Man world. And somehow he saves the day through acts of rape. Instead of the Bat Signal, he has the Rape Signal. Instead of the Bat Mobile, he has the Rape Car. So it is supposed to be an erotica series with a really really dark sexist sense of humor. I like really really dark humor, but they should have made it less sexist by having Rape Man rape both men and women. That’s the P.C. way to rape. Or maybe there could have been Rape Girl, who teamed up with Rape Man and raped the male villains. Then I might actually be willing to watch it. In any case, there’s just way too much rape fetish stuff in Japan.

Here’s a clip: